To this artist, the essence of any artwork is in sensing what feelings came forth in the artist as their purpose and meaning with the creation moved beyond the critical area of discovery and learning to completing the expression of the final piece. Sculpturing is much like climbing the mountain by cutting a new path, working however possible to get to the top. By reaching the top, the climber's experience is now new, and the newness or the realizations become the joy of the descent. The climber has discovered a new area of their being, and become someone they were not before the journey. The choice to join with a creative impulse, to make something new, or to become determined to explore and work to artistically express a good idea as you feel or sense it, launches a series of specific details and even commands to follow that will lead and in effect take you up to the top of the mountain, or in other words, will bring your creation into being. But the essence of one's work will only take shape and become "known" according to the depths of involvement that the artist takes their idea. 

Certainly the essence, or the core purpose, of any type or kind of creation always becomes visible but often they are so rudimental that it is not "moving" or "revealing" anything special to anyone. Whereas when creation goes a way no one has gone, takes a path up the mountain no one has before, and every devotion of thought is deeply and completely applied to the challenges confronted, the creation moves and inspires everyone. The discoveries and changes that result from this journey through challenges present something and someone new. The artist can get far enough from what they were or knew before that they must even work to make the adaptation. In the idea of making the creation, the movement or opening of the artist's thought is the real essence of the artwork. The viewer's discovery of the essence can go deep into the artist's prevailing perceptions as they enjoy and concentrate upon the work. Of course, the depth that the viewer can go is according to how deep and how clearly focused the artist went with it, and how effectively they express their way back out. Artwork, if it is art, channels the viewer to join the artist's perceptions, to walk the path of challenges, discoveries or visions that guided and in fact created the work. The trail has been cut. Taking the hike, or looking deeply into the sculpture, the viewer can become the artist. Silent watchfulness, and a commitment to the feeling mode, the viewer can discover the artist they themselves in fact are. This union is the complete and total purpose of art - to see together, and feel together, and share ideas together, as we move on to something new.

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