Lesson Nine - Insight

It is not easy to teach good golf. Many human issues and needs of the student bleed over as distractions into the game. Most amateurs, and some professionals, can get in their own way. Often enough players get distracted and frustrations show up in the golf game that interferes with the scoring. This game is asking the player to isolate golf as a time to walk away from their daily routine for four or five hours. It is time to play, and to play like the young child who simply just loves to hit and watch a ball. Fun takes a different form for every golfer but the player knows when the feel of fun is gone, and they also know that it is very hard to score feeling that way. When the simple childlike fun plays the game the more birdies go on the card.

The developed strategy becomes so simple, like: "I just want to go out today and have fun", or "I just need to go out there and take one shot at a time, and see what happens", or "I just need to go out there and stay focused, and try to do my best". Sound familiar? The professionals understand how simple or uncomplicated each shot needs to be for good focus. The good strategy braces against whatever tendencies or actions complicate or confuse the player and points to involvement with the game. The idea is to simplify the game, the hole, the shot, and the round until all that is present is the shot at hand. Each time the ball stops rolling, the focus is on with the next shot. More and more the player creates a round like painting or sculpting art. 

When the round is finished the evaluation and learning involved needs to be productive in order to improve at golf. The idea is to keep evolving the strategy as new ideas and guidelines present themselves. Thinking things through until the player really gets the deeper point and lesson from the round is a mark of golf maturity. Before the player heads to the driving range after the round to fix what appeared wrong, there is good reason to take a seat or take a walk and appreciate the round, running it over or over again to look, enjoy, and learn. When the player looks at the reality of whether or not they enjoyed the round, it is pretty clear when they didn't and it is pretty easy to figure out why. The work is with the adjustment. 

Becoming self aware and self taught with the swing is important. With a natural and solid swing in hand the player ascends to more important issues, like discovering better focus with decision-making in play or with balancing attitude and behaviors. The professional is searching out such deeper golf inspirations on a daily basis. This is their business. As artists, they go about creating shots and demonstrating balance, rhythm, and power, while watching and learning to better perform. The student of golf will benefit from watching these great players in order to learn about the kind of inspiration they themselves are searching for in golf.

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