Lesson Seven - Vision & Strategy

If the player has shot or very nearly shot Par golf for 18 holes, they have learned a lot about the game, and have gained a certain "vision". The advanced player has realized some vision about: how to relax into patience, how to share more balance, how to become more sensitive to etiquette, how to bring the course more into play, how to observe the ball more, how to interpret yourself better as a player, how to learn and live more in 'one shot', or how to detach from what doesn't belong in the shot. Vision with golf relates to matching what the player needs to do with what the game is asking the player to do. 

Vision is more than seeing the ball flying before striking it. Learning what the player must strategize in order to meet their particular need to grow at golf is vision that is important. The player's vision in golf has already created some kind of strategy for play. Every player more or less demonstrates a strategy of play. Some strategies can be very developed from having faced many questions like: Is the player reacting emotionally to their shots? Is the thinking mostly 'back there' on preceding holes? Is there enough confidence in the shot talent to expect Pars? Is the shot focus secure within the entire period between plays? Is the relaxation that the game demands reaching far enough into the need for the kind of patience that lets the shots and the round unfold? The developed player has found some answers to these questions and revised their strategy accordingly.

The simplest, or basic, strategy for growth at golf concerns participating more in the next shot during the entire walk to the ball however the player can enjoy doing this. The player must assess the elevations, slopes, distances, winds, and a half dozen other features or variables in order to get ready to play their shot. Maybe stepping off yards to the ball is all that can help the player stay 'in there' with the upcoming shot. But perhaps it is the wonders, the dynamics, the sheer joys of 'nature' and creative feelings that make for peace and rhythm to the player. No one except the player can tell what they need to patiently adjust and re-adjust as the round and this game demands. There are plenty of good and interesting course and game variables for the player to stay happily connected throughout every shot in every round.

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