Lesson Two - The Player

The best golfer would best reflect the course in the harmony of play. They would be spontaneous or "in the moment", extremely patient, and be very aware with what the golf course is "doing". Relating well to the course seems to involve certain character traits. The great golfer seems to appreciate and harmonize with various elements of the course and the game in order to create great shots. This 'natural' player shows a balance with things, and is relaxed, joyful, and humble. This "elevated" type of thought or advanced awareness for golf knows what is to be known, does what needs to be done, and does not get in its own way. 

The professional player practices being quiet, obedient, thoughtful, reflective, imaginative, courageous, confident, intelligent, forgiving, grateful, and forthright. The best players are courteous and cautious yet powerful and daring. These qualities of character make up the player who is full of integrity, humility, and sheer determination to be their best. We have seen many similar characters throughout the history of golf. The great players have been friendly people, simple but dynamic. They are honest and considerate to the game and other players. They care about the game. This is how golf became known as the "gentleman's" game, and remains so today.

At the practice range or on the golf course the professionals have an obvious and consistent sense of dedication to the needs of the game. They seem to take the course and game variables very seriously and with a wonderful balance of simplicity, innocence, and enjoyment. On the golf course the professionals are typically quiet and perceptive about how they feel and should feel. The timing and preparation for executing their shot is like clockwork, always on beat with their tempo and will. The reactions, if any, to shots they perform is very controlled and rarely made part of their or another players' game. They are easy going, caretakers of the golf course, and generally very humble people. 

This character, while focused and energized, has an extreme sense of adaptability. The player is innovative and appropriately responsive to good or challenging experiences. The developed character for golf has a sense of joy and appreciation for playing and learning how to face very trying personal challenges. Professional players gain grand lessons about the patience that turns trials into victories. The resiliency of the player to set up to the next shot is truly extraordinary. Their dominion and strength to recover from shooting into a hazard is remarkable to say the least. Generally speaking, where is the anger, the frustration, or the disappointment? It is handled quietly, confidently, and professionally. Like the ad says: "These guys are good!"

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