Lesson One - The Golf Course

Understanding the structure of the course in terms of individual holes is pretty straightforward and common to every golfer. But when it comes to other features of golf's playing board, some variables are more individual and subjective. The golf course gives sounds, textures, and outlines. This arena for play can involve very intuitive and artistic perceptions. These more subjective impressions, like cloud formations, distant horizons, or other 'nature' variables can hold special and deeper inspirations and connections to the player, even to the target. Connecting with the course can be as simple as relating to wind and rain or fog or cold, but it is also about harmonizing rhythm and balance in the swing and the shot and the game.

There is substance, presence, and depth to 'nature'. As the orchestration goes, 'nature' holds rich feelings of control, of confidence, of timing, and even a sense of humor. The rich and dynamic feelings and presence of 'nature' may tend to enhance the players' enjoyment, "reasoning", and performance. The peace, or tranquil, substance provides a wonderful context for enjoying the game. Even heavy rains and winds can help the player stay connected and focused - maybe more closely - on creating and playing the shot. In many ways, or through 'being', the golf course communicates with the player, bringing up conditions that seem ruthless at times, favorable at times, but always showing things like balance, rhythm, and power.

The players' relationship with the course seems to need special attention and respect in order to play the best golf. The more that the player will focus on respecting the course, to harmonize with it, the more that they receive from it, and the more that they will enjoy it, i.e., play a good shot. The golf course is speaking, telling and showing the player all sorts of things or feelings. The course, like a good friend, or partner, is communicating with the player, and the player is communicating with the course in their thoughts about it and what's going on with it hole to hole. The importance of the player to harmonize with the course should become more and more obvious to the developing player. 

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