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Mention golf art and one's imagination immediately conjures up a pastel painting of a famous golf hole, beautifully framed in colors and woods that complement a room's decor. While this certainly may be the paradigm, it is far from the only offering in the diverse world of golf art. A contemporary Alaskan artist, Stephen Lance Mellinger, is employing an age-old medium to golf art; bronze sculpting. 

His work, is the combination of a love for the mechanics of the sport, the meticulous detail of a fine craftsman and his philosophy (almost a Zen) that golf is a reflection of life's risk/reward. The game, like Stephen's art, is truly a mirror of the effort employed by people toward mastering the sport that has captured the hearts and minds of players over history. 

The premise for this extraordinary set of sculptures is set from the five basic shots in golf. Harvey Penick, (from which Stephen has derived much of his inspiration) and other great teachers have long prescribed that the game is simply a series of interrelated single golf shots. This collection breaks each of these shots down into individual categories. They are: "Solid Impact," the driver off the tee - "dead aim," a mid-iron from the fairway - "Rough It," escaping from punishing tall rough - "poof," the quintessential greenside sand shot, and "Make It," the draining of a long putt. These are truly the shots of golf and these bronze sculptures capture the technical merits of each golf shot to such detail that they could be used as teaching models of proper club, hand and shaft alignment at impact. You can almost feel the shot and hear the sound of the clubface colliding with the ball. This millisecond of time is captured for eternity in one of man's most basic of industrial materials turned into a fine art bronze sculpture.

These sculptures will become treasured centerpieces for private collectors, Country Clubs, corporate entities and tournament champions. 



George Archer, Senior PGA Tour player, when first viewing "Solid Impact" and "dead aim" was immediately struck by the true characterization of the golf swing, he demanded to know the process employed to create such works of art. When told, he simply replied, "See now I know, and now I'd like to see one of these in my trophy case. In fact, I'd rather have one of these from a tournament championship than any other type of trophy currently given as an award. Because . . . this is golf!"
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