To truly appreciate these sculptures a person needs to reflect on the skill it takes to execute each of these golf shots. It seems the more thought one places on the mechanics of the swing, the more alive the sculpture becomes. It is then, when the question of how these pieces were created is no longer a factor, the art becomes transparent and the golf shot dominates the mental process. At that moment, you suddenly appreciate what a quality craftsman Stephen Lance Mellinger is. 

Stephen Lance Mellinger feels golf and his art are truly an extension of each other. He reflects upon his individual sculptures as follows, "Art, like golf, offers an individual growth. The more understanding, feel and comfort the player or artist has for the mechanics, the greater room to 'take-on' the mental side of the game, or the more artistic they can perform. When the mechanics are comfortable, the individual is pretty much free to play intuitively. This collection of sculptures pays tribute to how good players are who can do this to golf balls." 

Stephen starts his creations occasionally in clay in the traditional manner of most bronze artists, but most times he prefers to work in fiberglass, using layer after layer of resin and materials to create the precision works in fine detail. Once the original is finalized, it is encased in sand to create a mold for the age-old process of bronze casting. It is from the unique or individual sand mold that the molten bronze is to be poured. Each sculpture is approximately life size to the club and ball. Measuring 14" to 18" in height and length, an individual piece may weigh up to 45 pounds with the polished black granite pedestal. He creates a limited number of these works of art to preserve their quality and value. After the final casting, (In this series, only 300 numbered editions) the mold is destroyed.

Stephen once said, "I am awed by the history and physics of this game of golf. I felt like I wanted to give back something to the sport for what it has given me." He has done that and then some.

Stephen L. Mellinger
Artist, Stephen Lance Mellinger has a professed love of golf while residing in the unlikely location of Alaska for the past 25 years. He teaches golf and offers training in both "mechanical free" golf and "temperament training" in golf.
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